Oxygen,Nitrogen,Argon Storage Tank

Oxygen,Nitrogen,Argon Storage Tank Description

The liquid oxygen/nitrogen/argon cryogenic storage tank is made of double-layered cylindrical structure, the inner cylinder and its piping are made of stainless steel S30408, the outer casing is made of alloy steel Q245R, the interlayer is filled with expanded perlite (also known as pearl sand) and the specially treated adsorbent is set at the same time. It is pumped to a high vacuum (0.5 to 6 Pa) and has a capacity of 200 m3 or less. The working pressure is high (the working pressure of the two storage tanks in the four workshops is 2.0 Mpa), and there is a gasifier outside the tank, which can make the pressure boost in the tank easy to charge, and can directly send the pressure gas. According to the application, it can be divided into fixed type and transport type. The fixed type is mainly used for the storage of cryogenic liquid. It is installed at the place of production, use point or supply station of cryogenic liquid. The transport type transports low temperature liquid from the production place or supply station. The point of use, often in the form of land transport, water transport, etc., they are called tank trucks, trailers and tankers. There are two types of installation: vertical (L) and horizontal (W).

Features :

Insulation method: powder insulation

Working pressure: 0.2-3.0MPa

Effective volume: 5M3-200M3

Design temperature: -196 ° C -50 ° C

Filling rate: 95%

Advantages: Vacuum powder insulation, compact structure, low daily evaporation rate, small floor space, centralized control, safe and reliable, convenient operation and maintenance.

Oxygen,Nitrogen,Argon Storage Tank


Liquid oxygen

1. The metallurgical industry blows high-purity oxygen during the steelmaking process, and oxygen reacts with carbon and phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, etc., which not only reduces the carbon content of the steel, but also helps to remove phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, etc. Impurities. Moreover, the heat generated during the oxidation process is sufficient to maintain the temperature required for the steelmaking process. Therefore, oxygen blowing not only shortens the smelting time but also improves the quality of the steel. When blast furnace ironmaking, increasing the oxygen concentration in the blast can reduce the coke ratio and increase the yield. In non-ferrous metal smelting, the use of oxygen enrichment can also shorten the smelting time and increase production.

 2. Chemical Industry In the production of synthetic ammonia, oxygen is mainly used for the oxidation of raw material gas, for example, high temperature cracking of heavy oil, and gasification of coal powder to strengthen the process and increase fertilizer production.

3. National Defense Industry Liquid oxygen is the best combustion improver for modern rockets. Liquid oxygen is also needed as an oxidant in supersonic aircraft. The flammable substance is highly explosive after being immersed in liquid oxygen, and can be used to make liquid oxygen explosives.

4. Health care: supply breathing: used in hypoxic, hypoxic or anaerobic environments, such as: diving operations, mountaineering, high-altitude flights, space navigation, medical rescue, etc.

Liquid nitrogen

1. For the production of nitric acid, synthetic ammonia, calcium cyanamide, explosives, etc.

2. Used in electrical appliances, food packaging filling gas, thermal oxidation, epitaxial diffusion, chemical vapor deposition, etc. in semiconductor device preparation process, and can also be used in gas chromatograph

3. For the extraction of rare gases, cryogenic treatment of instruments or parts, etc.

4. Can be used as a protective gas for large-scale integrated circuits, used as a bulb filling gas, etc.

5. Air and oxygen dispersant.

6. Refrigerant, which can be used as direct refrigerant for rapid freezing of food; packaging gas (to replace residual air in packaging containers to extend shelf life).

7. The chemical industry is used in the production of ammonia, nitric acid, calcium cyanamide, cyanide, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Pure nitrogen is used as a protective gas for preventing oxidation, volatilization, and flammable substances, and a bulb filling gas. Liquid nitrogen is mainly used as a cold source for deep freezing of instruments or parts and for quick freezing of food. Also used in low temperature micro-grinding and electronics industries.

8. Used in fertilizer, medicine, animal husbandry, refrigeration and electronics industries.

9. For metal smelting, chemical, mechanical processing and other industries

Liquid argon

1. Aluminum - used to replace air or nitrogen, creating an inert atmosphere during the manufacture of aluminum; helping to remove unwanted soluble gases during degassing; and removing dissolved hydrogen and other particles from molten aluminum.

2. Steelmaking - used to displace gas or vapour and prevent oxidation in the process; used to stir molten steel to maintain a constant temperature and the same composition; to help remove unwanted soluble gases during degassing; The carrier gas, argon, can be used to determine the composition of the sample by chromatography; argon can also be used in the argon oxygen decarburization process (AOD) used in stainless steel refining to remove carbon monoxide and reduce chromium loss.

3. Metal Processing - Argon is used as an inert shielding gas in welding; oxygen and nitrogen-free protection is provided in the annealing and rolling of metals and alloys; and it is used to rinse molten metal to eliminate pores in the casting.

4. Electronics - providing a protective atmosphere and heat transfer for germanium and silicon crystals used in ultrapure semiconductors

5. Illumination - used for the inflation of white and fluorescent bulbs; the production of blue light in xenon lamps.


Products Process

Step1. Get the volume and blueprint 

Step2. Prepare and cut materials 

Step3. Rolling steel plant

Step4. Welding Rolled Steel Plate

Step5. Assemble the Storage Tank

Step6. Fill heat insulation material between the Inner vessel and the outer vessel 

Step7.Vacuumizing the storage tank

Step8.RT&MT inspection and X-ray inspection

Step9.Remove Rust Off The Storage Tank

Step10.Install Various Valves 


1. Adiabatic performance:

Thermal insulation material selection of pearlite sand filling sandwich and vacuum, superb technology, unique filling process, quality assurance commitment, to achieve the best adiabatic effect. The surface anti-corrosion coating adopts sand blasting, rust removal, purging, spraying and other processes, and at the same time adopts two-component quick curing liquid coating.

Safety technical performance:

The storage tank adopts "combination and safety system valve", which USES two groups of safety valves to work at the same time. One side can be closed when the safety valve is regularly checked, and the other side can continue to work to ensure the safe operation of the storage tank.

Operating system:

Pressure gauge, differential pressure type liquid level meter and liquid level comparison table are set on the upper part of the container in the storage tank, which can keep track of the storage amount and pressure change of the container at any time, and facilitate the operation during filling and discharging.

4. Detection system:

Special vacuum detection, vacuum gauge and vacuum valve are set at the lower part of the storage tank, which can test the interlayer vacuum degree regularly or at any time with a vacuum meter to ensure the safe operation of the storage tank.



wo.ModelMediumInner tank size (Dia*L*Thickness mm)Outer tank size (Dia*L*Thickness mm)Outer
size (Dia*H/L (mm)
weight (Kg)
W).ModelMediumInner tank
size (Di a*L* Ihicknes s mm)
Outer tank
size (Dia*L*Ihickness mm)
size (Dia*H/L (mm)
weight (Kg)
1JSSM5-L/0.8NitrogenDN1400* 2910*6/6DN1900*3550*8Φ1916*52623940
11JSSM30-L/1.6NitrogenDN2400*6100* 14/14DN2900*6780*10/10/12Φ2920*888116750
NO.ModelMediumInner tank size (Dia*L*Thickness mm)Outer tank size (Dia*L*Thickness mm)Outer
size (Dia*H/L (mm)
weight (Kg)
4JSSM20-L/0.8ArgonDN2200*4730*8/8DN2700 *5340*8/10/10Φ2716*73619875
5JSSM30-L/0.8ArgonDN24 00*6100*8/8DN2900*6780*10/10/12Φ2920*888114210

This is part of the model. According to customer requirements ,we accept customized.

OxygenNitrogenArgon Storage Tank


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