5cbm mobile lpg gas filling skid station With Filling Scale

The 5 cubic Liquefied Petroleum Gas Filling Station is an integrated device that integrates liquefied gas storage tanks, pumps, motors, lines, valves and filling equipment in one unit.

You can refuel LPG directly in steel bottles, such as a large LPG station or gas in an LPG tanker.

5cbm mobile lpg gas filling skid station With Filling Scale

Main performance:

1. The LPG station is economical and has low manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs.

2. Comfortable filling process, excellent operational performance and mobile filling and gas filling operations are possible.

3. The design of the process piping and arrangement of the various devices of the LPG station are suitable, the safety is high, and users do not need to worry about using it.

LPG skid stations must not only be safe and reliable, but above all practical. Unlike LPG stations, LPG skid stations offer enough space to place devices. The designer must consider how all auxiliary devices can be located in a confined space and operated safely. The working principle of the LPG skid station is mainly based on the following points:

1. There must be a safe and reliable circuit system. Pumps, electronic filling scales and compressors need electricity to run them, and the circuit must be simple and easy to operate. When buying a motor, pay attention to the explosion-proof and anti-static type. Liquefied gases meet sparks. If their concentration is too high, they explode.

2. Complete liquid, gas phase and recovery system where the designers should be familiar with the principle of the liquid filling station. When the liquid, gaseous phase from the skid-mounted station is connected to the tanker, the liquid gas from the tanker is in the compressor. Pour into the stock container under pressure.

3. Emergency stop valves and concentration alarms are also installed where the LPG skid mounting station tank housing is connected to the pipeline. There is double insurance in the event of a leak or calamity.

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