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How to correctly avoid cryogenic tank problems?

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How to correctly avoid cryogenic tank problems?About cryogenic storage tank, with the rapid development of the industrial industry, I believe that we have some knowledge of cryogenic storage tank, or some understanding, cryogenic storage tank is mainly used for some gas storage, but we are especially concerned about, should be the safety of cryogenic storage tank. In order to avoid some unnecessary problems in the use of cryogenic storage tanks, the following points are analyzed for the safe use of cryogenic storage tanks:

1. When using cryogenic storage tanks, relevant staff should regularly analyze the concentration of acetylene in liquid oxygen, and the concentration should be controlled below 0.1×10-6, otherwise liquid oxygen will need to be discharged.

2. When using a cryogenic tank for closed storage of liquid oxygen, someone should monitor the pressure to prevent overpressure.

3. Be careful not to let liquid oxygen splash on the skin without protection, so as not to cause more serious frostbite to the human body.

4, if all the liquid has been emptied, but can not be heated immediately, it is necessary to close all valves immediately. If the temperature is too low, the moist air will invade the interior through the connected pipes, causing the phenomenon of icing, and even the accident of clogging the pipes.

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