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What are the functions of gas storage tanks?

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What are the functions of gas storage tanks? The gas tanks can be used in parallel or in a single unit; The gas storage tank is a pressure vessel produced by the pressure vessel's designated factory, and each pressure vessel is produced by the pressure vessel's designated factory. And all with container inspection certificate and safety valve, drain valve and pressure gauge and other accessories. Let's take a look at the role of the gas tank.

Humidity: The relative humidity in the atmosphere is usually more than 65 percent. After compression and condensation, it becomes wet and saturated with droplets of liquid water. They are the root cause of corrosion in equipment, pipes and valves. Winter ice can also plug holes in the pneumatic system.

It is worth noting that even when separated from pure saturated air, the condensate precipitates with a decrease in temperature, and the saturated water content decreases by half every 10 ° C, i.e., half of the water vapor will be converted to liquid water droplets. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt multistage separation and filtration device in the compressed air system or pretreat the compressed air into dry air with certain relative humidity.

The function of the compressed air storage tank brand is to separate water. The middle part of the gas storage tank is imported, the upper part is the middle outlet, and the lower part is the drainage hole. Because the outlet pressure of the air compressor increases, the moisture in the air is affected by the pressure, the humidity changes, and the water vapor becomes water. The compressed gas of the air compressor passes through the gas storage tank, and the condensed water generated by the heat needs to be regularly drained through the drainage valve under the gas storage tank.

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