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Dewar bottle filling principle

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Dewar bottle filling principle:

1. Direct filling in case of pressure difference between the storage tank and the Dewar.

Make sure the medium to be filled is the same as in the Dewar flask. In other cases, the Dewar must be completely emptied and then refilled.

CAUTION: Check bottle filler and filler before filling.

2. Determine the exact total fill weight, which is the sum of the empty bottle weight, fill line weight and the maximum fill weight shown on the Dewar nameplate in the Capacity Chart. Do not overcharge the cylinder

3. Connect the Dewar inlet and outlet valves to the power source and tighten with special hoses to prevent leakage.

4. Open the Dewar outlet valve and the inlet and outlet valves, open the reservoir tank outlet valve and the check valve in the filler pipe and start filling.

WARNING: Gas accumulation is very dangerous and should be charged in a well ventilated area.

During filling, use a pressure gauge to monitor the cylinder pressure and adjust the bleed valve to maintain the pressure between 10-15 psi (0.07-0.1 MPa).

6. During the filling process, pay attention to the pressure in the Dewar liner and adjust the “vent valve” to maintain the pressure in the inner liner at 10-15 psi (excluding liquid carbon dioxide).

7. When the total fill weight is reached, close the Dewar inlet and outlet valves] and the "] outlet valve.

8. Close the shut-off valve on the filling line and open the outlet valve on the filling line to drain any liquid and gas remaining in the filling line.

9. Remove the hose and tablecloth from the balance.

DewarDewar bottlefilling


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