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Manufacture process of pressure vessel

Manufacture process of pressure vessel! It can be said that each pressure vessel has its own manufacturing process, and different provisions are made in the design, manufacturing process, inspection items, content and methods. The pressure vessel we are going to talk about today is no exception. Let's take a look at the manufacturing process of the pressure vessel.

Manufacture process of pressure vessel

1. The manufacturing process of pressure vessels can generally be divided into: raw material acceptance process, marking process, cutting process, derusting process, machining process, rolling process, group matching process, welding process, non-destructive testing process, opening marking process, general inspection process, heat treatment process, pressure test process, anti-corrosion process.

2. Different welding methods have different welding processes. The welding process is mainly determined according to the material, grade, chemical composition, welding structure type and welding performance requirements of the welding parts. First of all, we must determine the welding method, such as hand arc welding, submerged arc welding, protective welding and so on. There are many kinds of welding methods, which can only be selected according to the specific situation. After determining the welding method, the welding process parameters are formulated. The types of welding process parameters are different. For example, hand arc welding mainly includes: electrode type, diameter, current, voltage, type of welding power source, number of welding layers, number of passes, inspection method, etc.

The above content is the manufacturing process of pressure vessels, hope to better help you understand the pressure vessels, if you have the need to buy pressure vessels can contact us, we will be dedicated to serve you.

pressure vesselManufacture process


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