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What are the installation requirements for SF double tank?

What are the installation requirements for SF double tank?There are different types of oil tanks. One of them is the SF double-deck tank at the gas station. In fact, no matter what the fuel tank is, there are certain safety requirements. Only following the correct method and stringent requirements will guarantee the quality of oil retention at the equipment. Which may cause the machine to be used for a longer time

1.Oil and diesel tanks should be buried directly, and installation is strictly prohibited inside or in the basement. The thickness of the soil at the top of the fuel tank should not be less than 0.5 m. The surrounding parts of the tank should be covered with clean sand or fine soil at least 0.3 m thick. There should be no bricks, stones or Other impurities in the outer anti-corrosive layer of the oil tank are not damaged. In areas where it is difficult to bury direct fuel tanks, the soil may be covered with soil and the liquid level at the top of the tank is 0.2 m below the height at the bottom of the ground, up to 4 m outside the tank.

2. The floor of the fuel farm where the oil tank is buried should be 0.15 m higher than the surrounding floor and build a side wall around the tank area to prevent groundwater from flowing into the tank area; At the same time, underground oil tanks should be installed with an earth protection network.

3. The oil tank should be anti-corrosion both inside and outside. The outer surface of the oil tank should be a corrosion resistant layer, which should not be inferior to the reinforced quality. During low temperatures, the coating hardens slowly. In order not to prevent volatility in the solvent, the plastic substance on the outside can also be replaced with a glass compound.

4. Double layer SF oil tank at service station, horizontal steel oil tank should be used. The thickness of the standard steel plate used for the tank wall should not be less than 5 mm, if the tank wall thickness is less than 5 mm, the strength and the replacement oil requirements cannot be met. Further corrosion is required. Even if the tank wall will not collapse But it is often in critical conditions that accelerate the natural corrosion of the tank, which does not affect the service life of the tank and the safety of the tanker.

SF double tankinstallation requirements


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