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Skills of loading and unloading Dewar bottles

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Skills of loading and unloading Dewar bottles! In the past we talked about "The difference between Dewar and traditional steel cylinder", today we talk about"Skills of loading and unloading Dewar bottles"!

The design and manufacture of Dewar flasks can withstand frequent handling, but can be damaged by rough handling. 

Note: The sling hook must be hung in the hole in the guard ring holder. It is strictly forbidden to give a direct impact to the guard ring.

Important: Keep your device stable when lifting. To prevent damage to the air tank, do not collide with other objects.

Transportation: DPL cylinders can be transported by trolley or support trolley. Do not roll the gas cylinder onto the guard ring. Otherwise, the gas cylinder can easily tip over and cause personal injury or damage to the cylinder. The bottom of the DPW cylinder is equipped with four wheels, the end near the valve is a multipurpose wheel and the other end is a directional wheel that can move flexibly.

Transportation: To prevent movement and collision of gas cylinders during transportation, to ensure safety during transportation, ropes are used to secure the cylinders.

Storage: Store the cylinder in a well-ventilated place and do not expose it to the sun for a long time.

DewarDewar bottles


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